During the beginning stages of COVID-19, all of our lives came to a halt. We had no plans other than to wait, stay home, and cross our fingers that the pandemic would blow over. No one knew what to expect… As time progressed, the pandemic became detrimental to the mental health of many individuals.


During the early stages of the “lockdown” it caused an aftereffect for numerous people to endure isolation, boredom, joblessness, and grievance of their loved ones. For those who were able to retain their jobs such as essential workers and frontline healthcare workers, they faced different challenges such as life or death situations, not knowing if they are a carrier of the virus, and being overworked. 

In a study done in March 2020 with approximately 600 volunteers it revealed astonishing results. One of the revealings portrayed that alcohol and marijuana skyrocketed to aid depression and anxiety. Almost 54% of the volunteers stated that their life has been impacted vastly. A common description of their thoughts on COVID-19 were “anxiousness,” ”nervousness,” “uncertainty, ”and more. Many proclaimed that those words were connected through the uncertainty of finances. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the pandemic has shown us that there can also be various positive aspects. Some of the benefits included households, whether it be roommates or family, can be more connected with each other. Another prime aspect was that before the pandemic, not too many people were able to self reflect. Due to the pandemic it really forced each and everyone one of us to dive deeper and see the good in life as well as shining light on the bad. 


Currently, in Illinois there have been 1.3 million reported cases of COVID-19, with an astounding 22 thousand deaths. Fortunately, over 7.2 million doses of vaccines have been administered and more as we speak. The three dominant vaccines in the United States are Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson that have been FDA approved. 

President Biden stated that all U.S adults will be eligible for vaccines by April 19th which is earlier than the original expected day of May 1st. As more vaccines are rolling out, proper safety precautions are taken, we can expect to return to our normal life one step at a time.