Providing relief and care to improve quality of life for serious illnesses.

Current estimates show that about 75% of the geriatric population with server symptoms may benefit from palliative care, and the statistics suspect a growing need for this service. Evidence shows that patients with a serious illness or multiple chronic conditions receive health care of inadequate quality due to medical errors, fragmentation, and poor quality of life. However, palliative care services can improve patient-centered outcomes and may even prolong life by helping patients avoid unnecessary emergency hospital stays, reducing pain, and gaining access to new community resources.

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These services can be utilized wherever the patient resides – whether that be in their home or in a facility.

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Assisting mind, body, and spirit

The word “palliate” simply means to relieve or alleviate. For those suffering from a serious illness, palliative care is a great resource and can be used along with any curative treatment at any stage. It helps treat symptoms of a disease related to physical, emotional, social, practical, and/or spiritual issues to provide a more holistic approach to the individual’s well-being. Typically a person suffering in these areas will have a major decrease in quality of life, which is exactly what palliative care aims to help with. In addition to treating symptoms and pain, Meridian helps individuals in our palliative program better understand choices for medical treatment that they may be faced with or have questions about.

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