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Most people prefer to receive end-of-life care in the comfort of their own home, but about half of these individuals end up passing in a hospital (read the study here). Pain or other urgent needs often result in unnecessary trips to the emergency room, and typically patients arrive ill, anxious, and uncertain of what’s to come.

Hospice is a specialized program designed with quality and compassionate care in mind for individuals with a terminal diagnosis. Hospice care focuses on the quality of life, rather than the length, and is provided during the last phases of an individual’s illness so they may live as comfortably and pain-free as possible. At its core, hospice care is the belief that every single person has the ability to die with dignity and quality.

Where do we come in?

These services can be utilized wherever the patient resides – whether that be in their home or in a facility.

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Our hospice program involves an interdisciplinary group approach, which means doctors, nurses, dietitians, therapists, social workers, trained volunteers, and aides will all be dedicated to ensuring that you or your loved one receives expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support. Additionally, we will provide: 24/7 access to a clinical team, symptom management, pain management, ongoing emotional support for the family during and after care, medical supplies and equipment, medications, therapies, and much more – all covered under the Medicare hospice benefit and at no cost to you.

It is important to remember that we do not want to take away from the medical support team you or your loved one has; we simply want to help with our expertise in pain management and end-of-life transitions. Since enrolled with Meridian Health Care, our families are able to have more support and a quicker response to their medical concerns without the agony of hospital visits. Our doctors and nurses are constantly working with your current support group to make sure that if there is something needed, whether it be occupational therapy, physical therapy, x-rays, EKG tests, pain management, etc., we ensure that you or your loved one receive it in a timely and comfortable manner.

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