Meridian Health Care was honored to be part of another senior outreach event, this time in McHenry County, Illinois. The event was hosted and mostly planned by Jodi Borck of Randall Residence and had the support of McHenry County Senior Service Associates, Assisted Living Locators, Shepherd Premier Senior Living, and ourselves, Meridian Health Care. Our goal was simple: offer fun for the area seniors and encourage them to get out of the house and participate in a safe event. Why? Because over the past year in 2020, isolation has become a major issue amongst the elderly population (with an almost 30% hike from previous years) and we all wanted to do something about it. Isolation leads to many health related issues as well, and even if for just one day, it is worth reaching out and having some fun in-person safely.  So what did we do? glad you asked!

The McHenry County Senior Service Associates was hosting a virtual BINGO event for the area seniors, so what the involved parties did was add to that by having more incentives for the seniors to play. We pulled our resources and minds together and came up with a raffle drawing to be held at the end of BINGO. There was a catch, though. In order to get your “Lucky Buck” (raffle ticket), you needed to come and pick it up at Randall Residence!  Oh, and those that came out also got free Irish scones and fresh coffee (special thanks to the Hidden Pearl for coming out to provide the coffee and for being part of this event):



The event went from 9am to 11am on 3/16/21. Soon after 9am, the area seniors began arriving for their scones, coffee, and most importantly, their Lucky Buck raffle ticket:



We had a total of around 20 or so seniors participate for this event and the smiling faces was worth it all. The seniors were happy to get out and be a part of it. As for all of the organizers, we want to make events like this a reoccurring activity. It can be done and the proper precautions are taken. Zoom meetings and virtual events are great, but are no substitute for what we as humans all need: contact and interaction with one another.

On behalf of Meridian Health Care, thank you all for including us and for making this event happen. We look forward to partnering again soon to make another one a reality.