Trivia Time! 

How many people can be saved through one blood donation? 

The answer to that question is up to 3 lives. 

Help From the Community 

From February, 2021-June 2021, Meridian Health Care’s Account Manager and Data Analyst- Simon Lee and Account Executive-Steve Rainsford teamed up with:

to host their very first blood drive. Most importantly the help from the wonderful community who were kind enough to donate!

Jessenia from Meridian Health Care

The team was also contacted by countless other groups such as high schoolers, fraternities/sororities, and walk-ins from the members and employers of Park District of Highland Park. 

Big shoutout to those individuals who took 30 minutes out of their day whether it be during lunch time or leisure time to participate and save lives. We appreciate you so much!


On the day of the blood drive, (June 2nd, 2021) the crew gathered just over 40 individuals with 38 donors who were able to donate. You might be wondering the significance of that number… 38 donors can potentially save up to 114 more lives! On top of that, we had 18 brave individuals who donated for the first time! 

Karen LeBuhn from Senior Lifestyle

Donors can download the universal Red Cross App and track where their blood will be donated to, which blood type they have, and traces of the COVID-19 antibodies. (“Results may show an immune response developed after your vaccination or past exposure to this coronavirus.”)

What’s next?

From an idea to a solidified event that was executed, this was a successful event giving to the community. The event took place during the pandemic and gave the community a chance to enter normalcy and also give back to those who are in need.  

We won’t stop just here, expect to see us next year with more collaborations and a larger scale of volunteers! For now,  if you are interested in more fun and giving projects, contact our Account Manager and Data Analyst Simon Lee.


 Red Cross Preparation
First Donors !