We’ve already went over additive tips to boost your immune system.  Shortly put, take your multivitamins and make sure you’re not deficient in any other areas. It’s a great start to maximize a robust immune system.

So now you may be asking what other key tips are there to add to your already healthy routine?  To answer your question, I strongly suggest physical exercise. I’m not necessarily saying to enter a gym and lift heavy weights. You can, but it may not be optimal when you get to a certain age.

According to the CDC, statistics have shown that nearly half of the US population is obese. Through 1999- 2000 through 2017-2018, obesity has skyrocketed from 30.5% to nearly 50%. Based on the CDC again, the more shocking fact is that obesity is stemming to other diseases/illnesses which is the leading cause of deaths in America.

A great baseline to get ahead of the curve is:

  1. Aerobic exercise: Walk, Jog, Run!
    1. Try aiming for 75 minutes-150 minutes a week. Aim low and gradually build up.

  1. Strength training: Push, Pull, Legs!
    1. Improves muscle tissues, increased strength, decrease of risk of injury.

  1. Mobility work: Stretches, Yoga, Pilates!
    1. Improves range of motion for joints and muscles.

According to a recent article from Alina Health, the department used Brigham Young University research project that unveiled the underlying truth of fitness exercises. They gathered 6,000 individuals and the result was shocking. The group of individuals who were active in exercise lived approximately 9 years longer than those who were inactive in exercise.

Point being, it’s never too late. Stay protected and live a long healthy life. Start by walking and stretching routinely. Build from this and try more intensive workouts like weight training. We all start from somewhere.