It is safe to say that 2020 was not the year most of us envisioned due to the global pandemic. The nation has now faced numerous challenges such as not being able to visit family during the holiday seasons, no celebration for the recent graduates, and over 18.2 million workers who lost their jobs.


For the upcoming holidays, having a loved one in hospice care during the current situation we all face may be a difficult for the general population to adapt to. In fact, based on Crossroads Hospice and Palliative research, it’s claimed that 1.5 million families with a loved one on hospice care that the “responsibility of hospice can greatly diminish the usual holiday cheer”.


At Meridian Health Care, we visualize the holidays as a beautiful time to create unforgettable memories for our patients. We optimize their quality of life and create a comfortable environment so that our patients and their families can enjoy this time of year. To assist in creating unique ideas on how to make the holidays memorable for your loved ones, we decided to put together a few ideas to inspire the holiday spirit: 


  1.     Cook a favorite holiday dish – is there a holiday dish that your loved one has always loved? Or a recipe that has been passed down in the family? Food is a great trigger for positive memories. In hospice care, we support and encourage comfort feeding when appropriate.
  2.     Attend a virtual service – if your loved one is religious, you can stream a holiday service.
  3.     Listen in on a virtual Christmas carol concert – if your loved one loves caroling, there are many online live concerts that will be available for free during the holiday season. Try YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music!
  4.     Play their favorite holiday movie – was there a specific movie they would watch each year for the holidays? There are various great holiday hit movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more !
  5.     Decorate their room!


If your loved one is at a facility:

  1.     Send a care package which includes holiday decorations!
  2.     See whether your facility allows compassionate care visits, if so, take standard precautions. If not allowed, see if they can do window visits and dress up for the holidays!
  3.     Send your loved one a holiday themed facemask! Not only does it celebrate the holiday spirit but shows your loved one you care for their health.
  4.     Check with your facility if you can drop off their favorite holiday dish.
  5.   Create a virtual holiday call through free platforms like Zoom, Facetime, or Skype. 


The most important factor is to enjoy the holiday season as much as possible! This pandemic holiday season will be a memorable one so let’s make it count. Spread positivity, holiday cheer, not holiday COVID.