This article was written and submitted to Meridian Health Care by June Duncan of Rise Up For Caregivers.


As people get older, daily tasks like home maintenance and self care can become more tedious. If you have a senior loved one, you may want to lend a helping hand to ensure they can maintain a positive quality of life. However, if you don’t live near your elderly parents or grandparents, you can’t provide hands-on support. Luckily, there are other ways you can make life easier for them. Get inspired with these resources from Meridian Health Care.

Harness the Power of Technology

Cutting-edge tools can provide seniors with added security and convenience.

● Look for a senior-friendly tablet that your loved one can use to stay connected.
● Get your parents or grandparents a smart speaker for their home, which they can use to do things like adjusting the thermostat without having to get up.
● Invest in an at-home monitoring system, so you can check in and monitor daily habits, such as confirming whether your loved one has taken their medications.
● Equip your loved one with a personal emergency response system for peace of mind.

Hire Professionals for Safer Aging-in-Place

Alleviate the burden of home maintenance and chores with a strong support team.

● Use the internet to find a professional to take care of the cleaning.
● Minimize the need for cooking by finding a healthy meal delivery service.
● If your loved one can’t drive, look into transportation options to help them get to and from medical appointments.

Know When It’s Time to Hire In-Home Help

Sometimes, more consistent care is needed to ensure a positive quality of life when aging in place.

● Recognize the common indications that a senior needs in-home help, like frequent accidents and a lack of upkeep.
● Find reputable care providers with proven experience like Meridian Health Care.
● Vet potential providers by asking the right queries, like whether they run background checks on their team.
● Introduce the possibility of home care to your loved one delicately, choosing a fitting time and place to broach the topic.
● The home care industry continues to grow as the population ages. If you have what it takes, you may even consider starting your own home care business.

Just because you don’t live next door to your elderly parents or grandparents doesn’t mean that you can’t help them enjoy their golden years. Equipping them with the right tech tools and hands-on support will ensure they will maintain an excellent quality of life. The home health pros at Meridian Health Care are committed to being your shoulder to lean on and providing honest advice for your loved one’s situation during this delicate time. Reach out today for more information! 847-543-0045