For those of you who don’t know Sandra Coronado, she is one of Meridian’s hardest working Community Liaisons. By the end of 2020, Sandra had decided to enter retirement after having worked since the age 16.

From being an office manager, paper shuffler, to being Dr. Jennifer Belluci Jackson’s medical assistant, her journey has led to a fruitful and fulfilling career at Meridian Health Care. 

Favorite memory here at Meridian

Sandra’s favorite memory is a wholesome one; every single time she is able to help our beloved seniors and families. The relationships she is able to create and connect with is meaningful. For instance, when Sandra works with a patient who is computer illiterate, she takes the necessary steps to go out of her own way to help. She views her patients as family. 

All in all, Sandra is a people person. Her greatest achievement was never about the alcaldes but rather about helping seniors access the benefits that they rightfully deserve.

Tips for the community

Ms. Sandra has always been the type of person to share her honest raw opinion in the workspace. Whether in a work environment or another,  “treat people with respect to earn respect.” 

Another prime tip that helped Sandra was to always be on the tip of your toes and be active with your mind and body. 

Closing statement

What do you plan on doing in retirement?

“I plan on laying low because of the coronavirus pandemic and spend more time with my family.” 

(With a smile on her face.)