The emergence and spread of COVID-19 has caused the entire world to adapt to the situation at hand. Our routines and how we go about them have been affected in ways we could have never imagined. While we all go about our daily work lives and adapt accordingly, residents in memory care communities have seen less activities to keep them engaged due to social distancing guidelines and outside volunteers/entertainment not being able to participate in what used to be routine fun. Luckily, some communities have figured out ways to combine resident/staff safety and engaging activities, all while abiding by the proper guidelines in place to minimize any potential contact.

On July 23, our partners-in-care at Charter Senior Living in Vernon Hills, Illinois, held a resident fashion show. The staff (who is screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 daily upon reporting to work) assisted their residents in getting all dazzled up so they could “walk the runway” and have a great time. The residents gathered in the main lobby, while the care staff got all dressed up and brought participants down the aisle one by one. Between each walk, staff made sure to use hand sanitizer and never took off their face masks around the residents. Click this link for more pics of the show!

The event was an overwhelming success, as the residents were all able to engage as both spectators and participants in a safe environment that brought back some normalcy in these difficult times. Many residents in the memory care population don’t understand what’s going on right now due to all of the changes that have disrupted their daily routines, and fun activities like this are a great way for everyone to have some fun if the proper safety guidelines can be followed. It was a wonderful event, and the Charter Senior Living staff hit a home run by thinking outside that box in order to coordinate this event for their residents. We are blessed to be partners in care with Charter Senior Living in Vernon Hills for the past 3 years and were glad to be able to assist them with this wonderful event by providing flowers for all of the beautiful and handsome participants.