Oftentimes it’s hard to make the decision on whether or not you want to place your loved one in hospice care. Coming to this decision will be an emotional journey for you and your loved ones, however, making this tough decision sooner rather than later will allow family members to be better prepared and equipped to handle grief. 

In addition, financial burdens can take vast tolls on most families physically and spiritually. For that reason, people are unaware of how much finance accrues if you do not elect hospice early.

According to Trella (analytics agency), they reported 120,000 terminally ill patients that were admitted in hospice saved $33,000 more in healthcare costs than those who do not receive it. Moreover, one who elects hospice late in their illness are five times more likely to visit the ER than one who elects it early. 

Early adoption to hospice care is crucial and makes all the difference. When hospice is chosen early, family support/counsel and care goals become more efficient. Family members are taught how to take care of their ill loved ones and soon build a strong foundation for continuous care. Ultimately, electing hospice care will make the life of your loved ones live and pass with dignity.  

By orchestrating hospice care for communities like assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, memory care facilities, etc. this provides endless possibilities for residents and families to focus on bonding with their loved ones and not dealing with the complication associated with hospital care.