Ms. Chris and her family have always taken great care of their mother Margaret. As time progressed, Margaret began to decline and was referred to hospice. Initially, the family was under the impression that “hospice is the end.” After Meridian provided a hospice education, the family felt relieved and thankful that hospice was a specialized service that focused on comfort, care, and compassion during the end stages of life. 

Ms. Margaret and Chris vacationing at Gooseneck State Park in Utah! They love traveling especially in the southwest!

Improvements in Ms. Margaret’s situation:

During the start of hospice care, Ms. Margaret was bedridden. 

After two weeks of hospice, Chris noticed that Ms. Margaret’s blood work and her ability to complete activities of daily living were improving. 

Within one month of hospice services, Chris recognized a drastic change in Margaret’s energy level that allowed for her to get out of bed and complete daily tasks.

Within two months of hospice care, Margaret was no longer appropriate for hospice services due to her accelerated improvements in health.

Although hospice care was coming to a halt, it was imperative that Margaret continue to receive some type of home health care services to not lose the gains that she made. By December 2020-January 2021 Margaret had graduated from hospice and entered Meridian’s home health services to ensure the maintenance of her health status.

Current state:

Ms. Margaret has always been a strong independent lady with a positive outlook on life. During her time in hospice she was frustrated that she was not able to complete her usual activities but instead of giving up she used hospice as a stepping stone to getting better. 

From being bedridden to fixing herself a meal, Ms. Margaret continues to improve and is more independent as the days go on.  

Key attributes that helped Chris:

The key attribute that helped Chris was the clinician team. Whether it be coming promptly or notifying in a timely manner, Meridian has excelled. Another prime aid was the clinician team being empathic/active listeners. Chris’s knowledge of her mothers situation was embraced by nurse Kasia and nurse practitioner Carlo.

Last but not least was having care directly at home. By having access to Meridians 24/7 clinical team, Chris was able to speak with one of Meridians best physicians Dr. Homa routinely and received answers to any of her questions out of her expertise. When problems first arise Chris’s family pulls through. “Although it was taxing, it was well worth it and I would not change it for anything in the world.”